Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peep Show: Review by Terence Dick

"I scooted through Peep Show, Lonsdale Gallery’s exhibition of up-and-coming artists, a two-floor extravaganza with Alex McLeod being the only name familiar to me. Either he’s refining his technique or I’m getting used to it, but these virtual landscapes, created “in computer”, approach the combination of representation and spatial disorientation that makes Neo Rauch such a wealthy man. McLeod’s nowhere near that dense yet, but he’s heading in a direction; let’s hope it’s the right one. Besides him, Bogdan Luca shares some easy-on-the-eyes wide-brushed impressionistic work inspired by blurry photographs. Each one looks like it could be part of a larger canvas, so they, in a weird way, leave me wanting more. Amanda McCavour’s thread-drawn birds would look perfect on my daughter’s walls and are so much finer when released from their glass cages. Osheen Harruthoonyan’s photographs are murky and textured. They’re a bit too murky for me, but intrigue when they emerge from the darkness. And the fashionably posing youth in Jamie Bradbury’s watercolours are copping so much ‘tude, I roll my eyes and move on."

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Peep Show: New Artists Exposed - write up on Canadian

"Peep Show: New Artists Exposed!
Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto Aug 12 to Sep 27 2009
Lonsdale Gallery ushers in a new wave of playfully experimental artists this summer with “Peep Show.” This media-diverse exhibition includes works by Jamie Bradbury, Bogdan Luca, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Amanda McCavour and Alex McLeod that share a spirit of creative inventiveness. Photo-based artist Osheen Harruthoonyan, for instance, poetically explores memory dissolution by altering found and personal photographs through unique analog printing processes, while Amanda McCavour specializes in intricate thread drawings that add warm tactility to an otherwise removed viewing experience. Bogdan Luca’s figurative practice weaves in “concepts of distortion, repetition, perspective and even complete disintegration of the form” to create paintings that tingle with colour, motion and feeling, vividly capturing subjective impressions of moments in time. Ultimately, the works in this exhibition are suffused with enough ingenuity and insight to warrant more than just a peep. (410 Spadina Rd, Toronto ON)"

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Images from Peep Show - open now until September 27th

images from opening night of PEEP SHOW, Thursday August 13, 2009

artist Amanda McCavour prepared two installations for the show. This install on display in the front window of the gallery.

interior view of installation beside photographs by Osheen Harruthoonyan.

installation shot of second floor of gallery. Watercolour painting by Jamie Bradbury in foreground.

Second floor installation by Amanda McCavour.

Main floor installation view.

Digital works by Alex McLeod.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Noticed: A Summer of Gallery Love for Alex McLeod

image: Alex McLeod, Banked Tallship,2009

Artist Alex McLeod was recently featured on "Unedit My Heart", the blog of Toronto Art Writer and Critic, Leah Sandals.

Sandals writes:

I first saw McLeod's work in a solo at Switch Contemporary earlier in June, and now it turns out the the guy has a two-person show opening at Queen West dealer Angell Gallery this Saturday, as well as a hand in an emerging-artist group show at Lonsdale Gallery opening next Wednesday.

So what is it, many young artists may be wondering, that makes McLeod's work "so different, so appealing"? (Or, in the very least, much exhibited.)

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Artist Alex McLeod Featured in NOW Magazine

NOW Magazine contributor, Sara Titanic, recently conducted an interview with digital artist, Alex McLeod, as part of the series: Meeting the City's Artist One at a Time. The interview discusses Alex's motivations, studio practice, as well as his up coming exhibitions with Lonsdale Gallery.

image of Alex in his studio courtesy of NOW Magazine online

To see the full interview, please see the following link:

For Immediate Release : PEEP SHOW

August 12 – September 27, 2009
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 13 7 – 10pm

Jamie Bradbury
Bogdan Luca
Osheen Harruthoonyan
Amanda McCavour
Alex McLeod

Peep Show is a preview of the next wave of Lonsdale Gallery programming. Showcasing cutting edge artists who work in a variety of media: painting, fiber, installation and digital media. Alongside these works, profiles on each artist will appear to give context to their present and future projects. Peep Show will be open for the 2009 Gallery Hop.

Jamie Bradbury is a painter who is redefining ideas of realism with his figurative watercolour paintings. His use of dense texture of watercolour paint in his compositions is not seen in many artists who use the medium. Jamie draws inspiration from street culture to give unique insights about his generation. In the fall of 2009 Jamie will be leaving for the UK to study
at the Central Saint Martins School as an MFA candidate.

Bogdan Luca is an oil painter who explores the boundaries of his media through ideas of the human form.Through his figurative practice Bodgan plays with concepts of distortion, repetition, perspective and even complete disintegration of the form. Currently, Bogdan is going into his final year for his MFA with the University of Toronto’s Visual Studies Program.

Osheen Harruthoonyan is a photo based artist who uses various analogue printing processes to layer, texture and work into both found and personal photographs to create ambiguous narratives which imbue feelings of nostalgia. In 2008, Osheen’s exhibition was chosen as one of the Globe & Mail’s “Top 5 Shows Not to Miss” for CONTACT Photography festival, and is currently being recognized by Bravo!’s “Arts & Minds” as a top young photographer to watch.

Amanda McCavour is a fibre artist who specializes in thread drawings. In Amanda’s works, thousands of threads are drawn together to define images such as figures and birds. Currently, Amanda holds a residency at the Harbourfront Centre’s fibre studio. Most recently, Amanda was given an award by the Ontario Craft Council for her fibre work. Later this year, Amanda’s work will be featured in the illustrious Cheongju International Biennale in South Korea.

Alex McLeod is an artist who is preoccupied with landscapes. His work is built in digital space, using computer software generally
used for film and advertising. In his digital worlds toy cabins and snowcapped mountains appear as if they could be leftovers from bizarre train sets. Through his new digital form of image making, Alex is pioneering a new form of fine arts. Alex has recently been included in the Magenta Foundation publication Carte Blanche 2.